Thoughts on Sideline Behavior
Whether it's a 6-year old recreational game or 16-year old Select match, you'll find parents who are taking these games way too seriously. They yell and scream at their kids (sometimes not even their own). This behavior is wrong on all levels and does not reflect the behavior Marysville Youth Soccer Club wishes to be known for.

Let's remember that this is a game. It's a game that kids are playing. When your son or daughter is home playing Guitar Hero on the Wii, do you stand there behind them yelling, "strum!", "click yellow!", "click red and blue!", "whammy bar!!!"? Of course you don't. That's because your child is playing a game to have fun and that is what youth soccer is, a game for fun.

Stop embarrassing your child during games. Yes, yelling and screaming during a game is embarrassing to your child. If you don't think so, ask your child if he or she would rather you be quiet at the games. Chances are the answer will be "Yes".

You're not helping by yelling. You're really not. In fact, it's outright distracting. Imagine for a second that you're a player on the field with the ball. A parent yells, "shoot!", a coach yells, "dribble", and a teammate yells "pass" all at the same time. You're confused, but you try to process all of the possible suggestions and decide what to do. Before you know it, the opposing player takes the ball from you. Then more yelling! By screaming from the sidelines, you're actually delaying your child's reaction time and denying them the opportunity to learn what to do in their immediate situation. So much of soccer is learned from repetition of experience, let the kids have that experience and learn from it. They will be much better off.

Sometimes the yelling can be abusive. Parents and coaches get so wrapped up in their child’s game that they may not even realize how emotional they are getting. There is no situation where an adult needs to yell at a child over a game. None. Take control of yourself and leave the field if necessary. Take a quick walk around the fields, watch another game for a minute, go get a refreshment, calm yourself down. Remember, if you can’t manage your behavior, the referee or Field Marshall will do it for you and you’ll be watching from your car!

Yelling will not bring them a college scholarship. Less than 2% of high school athletes will earn a college athletic scholarship (Long, long shot). If it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

You're not the coach. They're ignoring you anyway. You're wasting your breath. Good soccer coaches instruct their players to ignore the noise (i.e. parents) from the sidelines. Players are taught to only listen for their teammates and the referees.

Don’t take the fun out of it. Youth soccer is a game played by kids. It's their game, let them have their fun! The only thing they should hear from the sidelines is encouragement and support so let's cheer them on!