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Reminder to all MYSC coaches, to encourage coaches to better themselves through continuing education and training, all soccer related clinics and certificate course fees($) you have to pay will be reimbursed by the club 100%. (Note, please bring a copy of your receipt to any coaches meeting for reimbursement by the club treasurer. If testing is required then reimbursement is contigent on passing any applicable exam).

Please e-mail development@marysvillesoccer.com prior to registering/paying for any training not listed here, to assure reimbursement of costs.

All State sanctioned "Certificate" and "License" Clinics - As always you can go to the Washington state youth soccer website at www.washingtonyouthsoccer.org, click the "Technical Zone" button on the main menu, then click on the "Soccer ball header" to find clinics throughout the state (Note, you will need to create a "log in" for the state website as your Bonzi log in will not work).

If you take the online course make sure to take notes as you go because you can not go back and access the information later.