Marysville Youth Soccer Club is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization!!!

Each year elections are held for 50% of the Board of Directors positions.  This is a great chance for you to get more involved than you currently are!!  The rewards are helping over 1600 soccer players fulfill their desire to play.   The Board of Directors helps guide our program and works hard to ensure there is an opportunity in the city of Marysville for our kids to play the game of soccer.  Please understand that OUR club is not just about the Board--each parent, coach, player and sibling can help.  There are numerous tasks (some large and some small) that need to be done!!!  If you feel that you can give 5 minutes or more then please contact any of the members under the "about us" section of the website  to see how your skills can best be used.   If you enjoy watching kids grow up and playing a fun and healthy game and get all the thanks you need by being an anonymous spectator on their sideline and see the benefits to them and their families because of your part as a volunteer then you are the right person for a Board position and we would love to have you.