Marysville School District Service Center Board Room

4220 80th St NE

If you are unable to attend, send somebody in your place.

FYI- Board member elections are held every year in November

We are all volunteers so it would be GREAT if you can volunteer for a spot on the Board to keep Marysville Youth Soccer running strong! the ranks of youth soccer coaches. It is one of the most difficult jobs yet certainly one of the most rewarding ones. The soccer boom of the past decades has involved many parent-coaches from various backgrounds and sport experiences. Many of your predecessors have felt initial anxiety and a sense of inadequacy in the beginning stages of their coaching experiences. However, most of our coaches have overcome these negative feelings because of their personal drive, motivation and the sincere enjoyment of working with youngsters. The joy of coaching and working with our youth makes all the hard work necessary to be a good coach a worthwhile experience. One of the pleasures of life is observing and participating in the athletic and personal development of a child.

"Sport is life's boot camp and you are the drill sergeants. It's not about raising great players, it's about raising great people. You could be coaching the next secretary of state through the character, work ethic and discipline that you instill through your training sessions."

-Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends

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MYSC is a dynamic soccer organization with a reputation for innovation and success. If you are interested in a coaching opportunity with MYSC, please contact us via email (checkout the "about us" tab in the left hand margin).

The Club is always seeking experienced, motivated coaches with knowledge of competitive youth soccer programs. The ideal candidates will have soccer skills, a commitment to developing the game at the grassroots level, and the willingness to transfer his/her soccer knowledge to eager and talented young athletes.

The success of our club relies on the unselfish generosity, time and expertise of our volunteers. Without volunteers our teams, programs and events would not run.

From all of us at MYSC...